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You have to watch for the daily emails or check this website daily to see if you are randomly selected as a prize winner!  If your name is announced, you have to call in to claim your prize and arrange delivery or shipping (at no cost to you!)  You have until January 10, 2020 to claim any prizes that you may win! 

You can view each day of specials by clicking a wreath below…only the current day’s wreath will be active!  Ont he 12th Day of Christmas…all of the daily specials will be active for ONE DAY ONLY!!  The prize contests will only be valid during the original promotion day.


12 Days of Christmas

Daily Prize Winners!

Day Name Location Prize
1 Cory Fox Cabot, PA Cobra CB
2 Thomas Nine Smithfield, PA Nebo Light Set
3 Julie McFeaters Latrobe, PA $100 Gift Card
4 Adam Duplin New Florence, PA $100 Gift Card
5 Rich Pretorius Bridgewater, MA $100 Gift Card
6 Patrick Lyons Emerald, WI $100 Gift Card
7 Nick Carroll Shippenville, PA $100 Gift Card
8 Connie Loughry Terra Alta, WV $100 Gift Card
9 Joe Rodgers West Palm Beach, FL $100 Gift Card
10 Jim Shaw Iwin, PA $100 Gift Card
11 Matthew Danik Pittsburgh, PA $100 Gift Card
12 Steve Chovan Delmont, PA $100 Gift Card

If your name is on the winner’s list…be sure to call during business hours to claim your prize!  We will make arrangements to deliver or ship your prize to you at that time!

Thanks for participating in our annual 12 Days of Christmas Specials!  We hope you enjoyed the promotion and we wish nothing but the best for you and yours during this Holiday Season!