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Classic Mack Exterior, Cab and Body Parts

Classic Mack Exterior, Cab and Body Parts

Superliner Hood Guide Pin


Superliner Hood Guide Pin..

Superliner Hood Latch Catch


Superliner Hood Latch Catch.  For use with the Superliner rubber hood latch #755..

Superliner Hood Roller


Smaller hood side roller for Mack Superliners..

Superliner Rubber Hood Latch Aftermarket


Aftermarket - Superliner Rubber Hood Latch fits most RW variations..

Superliner Rubber Hood Latch OEM


Superliner Rubber Hood Latch fits most RW variations..

Windshield Washer Switch


Push Button Windshield Washer Switch for R, RD, DM, U, Superliner, etc...trucks with air operated windshield wipers...

2 Bolt Grab Handle Gasket


This grab handle gasket fits the ends of our 2 bolt short grab handles for B-Models and Superliners.  Takes 2 gaskets per grab handle...sold indi..

Air Bag Retainer Clip


This retainer clip fits on our rear cab air bag where the bag mounts to the frame bracket...

Bulldog Base-Aftermarket


Aftermarket chrome bulldog mounting base.  Fits most R, RW, DM, and U model Macks...

Cab Air Leveling Valve


Cab air leveling valve kit for R-Models, DM's and Superliners (and others)  Can double as a suspension leveling valve for trucks with rear axle a..

Chrome Grille for R, DM and F Models


Our chrome grille fits pre-facelift, fiberglass tilt hood R-Models as well as DM and F Models.  It is an aftermarket ABS plastic grille with chro..

Front Cab Mount Insulator for Air Ride Cabs


This front cab mount rubber insulator fits most R, RW, DM, etc...cabs with air suspension...

Fuel Tank Mounting Insulator


The fuel tank mounting insulator slides on the front tank mounting "horn" that supports the front of the fuel tank on a Mack R Model as well as some D..

Grab Handle Gasket


Single bolt hole plastic gasket fits on the ends of our grab handles to protect your paint.  Sold individually...

Headlight Mounting Panel


 Aftermarket Plastic panel the mounts the headlamp bucket to the fiberglass hood.  Fits older R/U/DM hoods.  Sold individually.  R..

Hood Hinge Ball Socket


Hood hinge ball socket fits many Mack applications such as R, RD, Superliner and more.  Make sure your application has this style vs. the heim jo..

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