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Air to Electric Wiper Motor Conversion Kit for R/RD/U/DM/RW

Air to Electric Wiper Motor Conversion Kit for R/RD/U/DM/RW

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ken jones 09/03/2023 11:31:57 Answers: 1
Have the wiper kit wiring harness come yet for the R model i was told about 2 months ago they would be in by now. i gave you my cc info and have not herd any thing yet. thank you for any update.

Barry 09/06/2023 09:05:00
We are still waiting for the supplier to ship the harnesses...they should be here in a week or so at which point we will bill your card and ship the harness to you.

Braith Nunn 06/17/2023 07:27:00 Answers: 1
Will the air to electric wiper kit fit an Ultraliner ??


Barry 06/17/2023 07:34:03
No, this kit was designed to fit Mack R, RD, DM, U and RW Models. The Ultraliner may be interchangeable with MH Model parts...we would need a VIN number to look it up.

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Air to Electric Wiper Conversion Kit to convert your R, DM or Superliner from air to electric wipers.  This kit include the electric motor, left and right linkages, wiper arms and 18" wiper blades.  It also includes the electric switch with delay wiper settings and switch wiring harness.


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