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fppf products

Fuel treatments require year-round attention. And no two fuels are alike. It takes constant research and innovation to be able to properly treat all types of fuels and the problems that can arise. FPPF has been the leader in fuel additives, treatments and conditioners since the 70s. We’ve seen all the issues associated with heating oil, diesel, gasoline and biodiesel fuel and consistently arrive at a solution. As fuel problems evolve, so does our product catalog.

The reality is there are a lot of bad fuels out there. So if you don’t keep additives in your fuel, you increase your odds of something going wrong. Year-round maintenance is the key to combating fuel problems. Don’t wait until you have a serious problem or breakdown to use FPPF products. Be proactive and treat your fuel all year to prevent any major delays or costly repairs. FPPF has your seasonal treatment plans.


Polar Power Fuel Additive


Eliminate water and gelling during the coldest winter months with FPPF Polar Power. This unique formulation combines all the benefits of FPPF Fuel..

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